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24-09-2017, 20:44
Good evening, I have played project cars 1 alot since it came out with my g920 on the Xbox one, and have had no problems, in some corners I could steer past 90 degrees with no issues, that isn't the case with project cars 2 however, I understand the physics have changed and stuff but I have had trouble with the ginetta and then also I kept over steering in the Renault cup! In a FWD car I over steered! I have gotten a little better over the last few hours but some turns just require that little bit more steer input and I either oversteer or in the FWD cars it tends to slow the car right down as the tire is obviously past 90 degrees but it's stupidly hard to keep up with ai times, I also decided to play in a gtr r 35 on fuji and it drives like a boat, yes I understand it's heavy I've driven one myself on a driving dun day, but the ai keep taking the inside as I seem to just understeer around some tough corners even when I have slowed down, I never had a problem like this in project cars 1,has anybody else had the same issue? Any fixes? I've played with the settings and got a few things better like the view was so narrow I couldn't see properly but it's wider now so I see the sides of the car better like in real life but these corners are ridiculous in certain cars and if I want to get a lap done fast, slow in fast out isn't cutting it against the ai :(

24-09-2017, 20:46
The Renault will be cold rear tyres ... take a look at the temp indicator.
As for difficulty, just lower it until you’re competitive.. the slider goes down to 0 :)

25-09-2017, 11:10
Yeah I knew about the rear temp but it still seems ridiculous compared to the ai the first one made it easy I could take a corner at say 40mph and put 180 degrees of steering in like I can in my car in real life, anything over 90 degrees in this spins or understeers when I clearly shouldn't :(

25-09-2017, 11:34
For the clio, drop all tire pressures and put brake bias more forward, maybe also some diff work too.

In a front wheel drive race tuned car lift off oversteer is a real thing, not because front wheel drive it cant oversteer.

25-09-2017, 11:35
Never remove your foot from the throttle!

25-09-2017, 13:12
It's usually weight transfer from rear to front that causes the scary moments in FWD cars. The more you can ease that transition the better.

Try increasing the front springs, or the front slow bump, which should help to resist this a bit. Just try one click, then go out and drive a few laps and see if it starts to improve.

Likewise lowering the rear slow rebound will work in harmony with this change and stop the back from lifting so eagerly. You only need very small adjustments.

Is there an example corner you could name where it's particularly bad?