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24-09-2017, 21:00
Here is a list of the bugs I have experienced so far, all encountered within 2 online races.

- Lag when someone joins during Practice/Qualy is not only still happening, but it is much much worse, I now get 3 lags when someone joins. In a 20min qualy session earlier I did not get a single good lap in due to the lag.

- In the race I get the occasional lag which is big enough to cause a crash.

- Live delta is STILL broken.

- The wrong gear is displayed sometimes (in the M6 GT3 this happened)

- Start lights not being synchronised is still a problem. I had 3 people start the race when I only had 2 rows of lights on still, those people did not get a penalty.

- After the race had finished, somebody overtook me on the cool down lap and they got the win.

- After returning to the pits the tires are still showing as warm. When I leave the pits and gain control, the tires then instantly turn cold.

- I have noticed the tires rapidly flash between hot/cold on the out laps.

- My steering is very bad, it does not respond instantly and the steering is very slow, controlling a slide is near-on impossible.

Almost 2 years in development and somehow SMS have achieved to make the original bugs worse in the second game... how is that possible?
All those bugs were encountered in my first 2 races, I dread to think what else will pop up.

So frustrating.

24-09-2017, 23:05
3 or 4 races later, more bugs:

- The penalties need to be worked on, getting hit from behind still lands you with a penalty. Someone hit me and forced me to overtake someone, I then had to give that position back... which is fine, except the guy I 'overtook' spun and so did the guy who hit me, the gap to the car behind was then 10 seconds so I had to wait 10 seconds. Someone also rammed me into the pit wall yet I got a warning for bad driving.... (that isn't a bug, but very annoying)

- My view is resetting on every session. On every Practice, every Qualifying and every Race the view resets.

- The 'hitting an invisible object' still happens.

- If you get a slow down penalty approaching a big enough braking zone, braking for that corner is enough to serve the penalty so you don't actually lose any time!

Martini Da Gasalini
24-09-2017, 23:07
Yeah the lag/blip on qualification and or race is a biotch! It's still there and doea cause headaches during those crucial times coming into a turn

25-09-2017, 13:49
Bug list continued:

- Wrong race results are still being shown. I finished second in a race by about .3 and it showed me as winning

- My left rear tire magically disappeared. The telemetry showed no heat and 0 preassure. It was like this leaving the pit box

- When I first boot the game the wrong license raing gets shown in the top right. In a lobby it is correct so I see two different ratings. Seems to correct itself after the first race.

25-09-2017, 13:51
- My view is resetting on every session. On every Practice, every Qualifying and every Race the view resets.

if you use the 'Ctrl + K' method to adjust your view, it will reset since it is a 'dev cam' and the position does not save.

25-09-2017, 13:55
I am playing on PS4 at the moment :-).

25-09-2017, 14:00
ah ok. but still possible to use with a SUB keyboard plugged in IIRC

25-09-2017, 14:32
In theory you should be able to hook up a keyboard... however another bug I didn't mention is: I can't assign any functions to my keyboard. I can use it to navigate menus and that is it.

25-09-2017, 18:30
Bug/issues list update:

- Unable to assign any functions to a keyboard. But the keyboard can be used to navigate the menu

- I keep racing with idiots who take people out (I should be more careful selecting lobbies I know), the problem is, I am the one who gets the penalty when they decide to crash into the back of me... whilst they get away scot free!

- Serious corner cutting issues at Daytona, the same guy who purposely took me out giving me a penalty spent the entire race cutting corners and won the race

- If you 'Vote to Start' a session when a race is in progress you get put into observe mode, the only way to get back to the lobby is by using the 'Back' button... but that actually quits the entire session and you have to go and find the lobby again if you want to rejoin

- A couple of times now I have had the Qualifying Ends countdown randomly display throughout the session, it shows the the remaining time in seconds, I had 1492 seconds left. Using a default HUD layout, this then covers the most important part of the rev counter.

- A couple times also, I have been stuck at the screen at the end of Qualifying and unable to get to the End Session button. All I can do is scroll through the driver list. The only way out is by quitting the game.

- It turns out if you stop in the pits for more than a few seconds you get retired from the session. By the time I got my phone out and took a picture of a bug I got retired. Although I am not sure if this is a feature purposely put in.... it seems crazy to retire you instead of simply placing you back in your box.

All of the bugs I have posted in this topic have been experienced in Online ONLY. I dread to think what is lurking in other game modes.

28-09-2017, 10:14
One other thing I forgot to mention.

Not sure if this one is a feature or not, but sometimes when I have my settings to allow ALL drivings aids, some cars still have no aids available. This seems to happen in all game modes.
Not sure why you would have the option to allow all assists if real world assists are always forced regardless...

28-09-2017, 14:09
I also run into the drivings aids issue

The penalty for getting hit! Several times people blow the corner at RBR and just bone me but somehow i get a penalty for contact.

persons leaving the track and re-entry directly into me. Penalty to me. ROLLING STARTS WTF lol ive seen cars smash each other , flip in the air, etc.

my tires also dissapear randomly and why if i enter the pits to fix damage/no tire change my tires are cold!!

28-09-2017, 22:26
Carrier mod full of bugs. Minimum One curve per track with bug the car do a slow motion effect, that is the most insane and stupid bug a see. And is unforgivable in one game like PCars 2. Boxe full of bug too.

01-10-2017, 15:45
Oh yes i forgot about that ^^

Although I have only had it at Sugo. It always happened on the second to last corner when you run over the curb.

02-10-2017, 04:04
More PS4 bugs...

The Ginetta GT5 engine keeps blowing up after four laps, regardless of radiator settings.

Every so often, the steering with my T500RS goes heavy, which causes the base unit to shake violently when you are not holding the wheel. The only remedy is to exit the game and start it again.

02-10-2017, 04:08
Just got this bug tonight. My engine overheated and I let it time out after being disqualified. My car went into the sky and flipped around. Here's a short video.


02-10-2017, 13:47
Yeah, I've gotten really bad lag followed by really bad speed-up. I captured it on video but this forum isn't allowing me to post links yet because my profile is too new.

Martini Da Gasalini
03-10-2017, 12:38
I joined online races last night and there were a few times that the start light never appeared, only way i knew race started was because the other cars took off and i saw an all clear green flag

05-10-2017, 16:52
Hello guys.

I want to report some errors in my Project Cars 2 PS4

Career: Formula Rookie. Level 90
(I.A.) Aggressiveness of I.A. level 60
Dual Shock Control 4

I'm using Google Translate because my language is not English.

At the beginning of career mode with Formula Rookie, you can choose three championships.

1st - I chose the Asian championship.
In the last race of the Asian Championship it is necessary to direct the Formula in the snow.

The artificial intelligence can reach times from another planet, my car can not respond to my commands, I have tested several configurations, but the car does not respond.

In snowy weather the car responds very well.
In mildly cloudy weather in the snow the car can not respond.

2 In some moments all the setups are erased and I have to restart the game.

3rd Some races level 90 makes qualifying time very easy.
In other races level 90 makes qualifying time very difficult.

4 To skip the qualification level 90 makes a qualifying time very difficult.

5 In Project Cars 1 it was possible to accelerate the qualifying time by 10x, 30x, 60x. Now in Project Cars 2 is this possible?

The sounds of cars need to be like Project Cars 1 or better.
The vibration of the control on the Playstation 4 in Project Cars 1 was excellent,
in Project Cars 2 needs to improve, I can not feel the same feedback from the car.

Thanks for listening.

06-10-2017, 05:57
Here's my bug list for Santa
- menu lag (saves + internet connection related)
- multiplayer join leave lag freeze
- tire model on low grip issues w temperature? -- wait 2 min on the snow and the grip suddenly reappears
- tires not being set properly with bad weather quick races
- rain sometimes you are just sliding all over the place and sometimes its like there's no rain on the track.. what's happening?
- ai too strong on consoles.. accelerate too fast off the grid. Ramming
- ai too strong or too weak on rain/snow
- immersive Ffb having strange and sudden loss or gain of strength.. is it related to the tires? or just a hardware problem
- brake calibration is difficult. brakes lack range of operation... without a mod its pretty much 0/1 on t3pa. with mods you can break at 50% but calibration must be redone each new game start
- clutch simulation problem - especially on older manual cars (maybe a lower engine brake setting is required in tuning-- will test)
- shadows flickering everywhere
- LOD changes a bit extreme on PS4pro... No drivers in cars on mp replays. Headlights details get lost very close.
- career standings charts often give the wrong results after a race
- ai qualif Time boost on skip
- setups weirdness ... Looks like setups from different cars get mixed up... The final Gear ratio setting is bugged. It gets stuck at a super long gear ratio
- game freezing after trophy unlock video if you watched the replay ... Forces you to restart the last race
- visual damage not resetting
- engine overheating strangely in some cars Lamborghini especially (which might be realistic)
- all cut scenes / intro overexposed (white)
- sounds volume too low especially in external views + mic on setting (stereo) gives the exact same Mix
- problem with pit lane/joker lap lane triggering warnings while racing
- timer for split times red green indicator sometimes get stuck.. acting up
- l1 r1 navigation through menu often gets funky. Needs 2 clicks to slide left or right not related to lag

06-10-2017, 19:48
"Hi all I've had PC2 for over a week now and I have enjoyed playing it a lot. Except for that it feels like every single time I turn my PS4 off and back on the FFB settings go all wonky and the sliders don't do anything to adjust it. My wheel is extremely light, has next to nothing for surface feel and tire force. Like if i turned the wheel to say 180* it would stay at 180* + or - a little bit but definitely nothing like how it is when it functions properly. There was one day where it was overally firm and I had to fight the wheel around. It seems like my settings are different every time I play. I've spent maybe almost an hour everyday tweaking it and then it glitches or something again and then my settings on the sliders come in it seems like and everything's all extra exaggerated because I'm trying to compensate for whatever the glitch is. Then I'll put my settings back to where they were and it'll be exactly how its been for me when its not glitching out.

MY settings goes as follows

Gain: 61
Volume: 28
Tone: 30
FX: 10

Like I've said, I probably spent almost an hour everyday trying to get it right and then I end up putting it back to these settings after X amount of time when the game glitches back or something. I'm not a code writer of any kind so I have no idea whats really happening these are just my observations. HOWEVER I am very good at dialing my settings in for my liking as I have been using PC2 for drift practice since it came out as I did with the original PCs.

IS ANYONE else experiencing these types of problems or if you use my settings does your wheel feel all extra light? OR CAN SOMEONE HELP ME! I'm using a G29 on my PS4 with a custom built driving stand if any of that makes a difference. I do not want to play the game anymore until this issue is fixed as I would rather not have to worry about my FFB settings every time I turn my PS4 on to play it. It would be more worth my time to return this bugged game and fix my drift car and just go rip it down the street.

EDIT: If any game developers read this it also it seems like my R2 button for whatever reason wont do things in the menu screen but works when driving in races as its the button I programmed my starter to run off of. And when driving the radbull with telemetry on it says degrees C on the Front Right side for monitoring brake temp, when the other 3 read degrees F. I know the Celsius Fahrenheit thing would be an easy fix. "

Posted this whole mess in my own post suppose this might not be a bad place to put it either. But Basically it feels like my FFB is never the same and changes its parameters per its own desire whenever my PS4 enters rest mode or is turned off completely.

ALSO Tires temps like to jump around. Like they will flash 145 and be 115 and they'll flash to the darker green color and 145 all fast while driving but if you sit still they will maintain temperature.

This happened when i was driving today I had this thing happen where my back right tire would just shake up and down. I captured it on video and then stopped before I could drive and have it do it on video but here's a clip of it bugging out. Sorry I don't know if this has been brought up else where already or not, I just wasn't sure what to call it. But it was terribly funny watching it do that and drive.

Sub edit: I can't add links because I'm too new. lol

08-10-2017, 19:46
Message to Slightly Mad Studios and Moderators.

I am a great lover of Formula 1 and Project Cars.
I'm seeing a lot of positives in Project Cars 2, but I'm seeing a lot of bad points as well.

I am using Google Translate because my language is not English.

Project Cars 2 - Playstation 4 - Dualshock 4 Control - V01.00.0842

Feedback, positive and negative

Formula Rookie:

I really like these cars, thank you for bringing these cars back.
In Project Cars I was able to defeat level 90 in dualshock 4 control with ease, since the feedback in the control was excellent, now in Project Cars 2 I already put in the 100 vibration and I get some poles, but I can not feel the car like before. In Project Cars 1 I could make some drifts with this Formula Rookie, already in Project Cars 2 I can not do that.

Formula C:

In Project Cars 1, they were the most fun cars, already in Project Cars 2, the cars changed and they were unstable in the times, I can make a lot of effort 2.09.025 in BRNO, and sometimes I only get 2.15.000 with the even setup. The car constantly locks in the curves because of the abs brake on, if I turn off the stability squeeze the car often. Artificial intelligence in dry runway temperature achieves times from another planet, I can not get a constant performance like Projec Cars 1. In the rain with you pole but I do not have the same feedback in the control, I need to feel the car more.

Formula Renault:

I really liked the car, it reminds me of Formula B in Project Cars 1. I need to test this car more. In Project Cars 1 with Formula B I managed at level 90 several poles, now with Formula Renault I am still having difficulties, but I think I can improve a lot still.

I'm slowly testing every Formula car. I love this category too much, I need you to read my message with affection, because Formula Cars need a lot of feedback in control, because they require a lot of precision.

I still have issues with the menu and save the setups from my cars.
I'm still having trouble getting past level 90 because the abs brake on Projec Cars 2 is messing up a lot, cars crash a lot slowing down. It was really cool to be able to make drifts and get over it in Project Cars 1 times, please, this needs to improve on Project Cars 2, please.

Thank you for your attention.

09-10-2017, 15:21
There is definitely a Bug with the Immersive flavor... Counter steering gets delayed/stuck... can be easily verified with the miata Radbul but also true in any other car. It make is difficult to recover any spin in that mode.

21-10-2017, 01:26
HUD elements constantly disappearing and reappearing at random

21-10-2017, 08:13
The backup goes back to zero that it is for the car setup that is parameter drive and controller it's been more than 15 days that nothing really works my flag France this changes even in German or English is the total I wonder of course haking, at 60 eur the game I expect more serious if someone has the same kind of problem thank you for me back ... I just spent 20 minutes in qualifying nikel and voila that at first more traction control nor ABS ...!? it seems rather improbable rather a fan of the first Project Car precisely for its overall stability and OnLine here I am totally perplexed ..!