View Full Version : Suggestion - Race Laps/Time info in-game Menu

24-09-2017, 21:38
I'd like to suggest something we had in Pcars1 and we do not have in Pcars2: An Info session where we can see how many laps or time the race is set. I know, we can see these info before joining the lobby, but sometimes we forget to check it when we start the race and we aren't sure how much of fuel we need to put.

Another suggestion is to come back the info of how much fuel use an lap. This is also useful to set the fuel before the race.

Are you guys agree with me?

24-09-2017, 22:05
Yes please +1

24-09-2017, 22:13
+1 Totally agree. Always frustrating with no info in a lobby or race session.

24-09-2017, 22:17
+1. I just wasted 30min in an online race because I had way less fuel then I needed.

Dev Nibor
24-09-2017, 22:20
+1 This is absolutely necessary