View Full Version : Lines on tracks

David Slute
24-09-2017, 22:05
Hi there,
On all of the tracks I am getting lines across the tarmac which looks the under meshing coming through



24-09-2017, 22:49
What shadow level are you using?

David Slute
24-09-2017, 23:11
med for all settings with med fxaa

24-09-2017, 23:21
These are shadows from the chem trails above in the sky... The reptilian overlords are watching us closely...

24-09-2017, 23:26
med for all settings with med fxaa

As a test, try setting them to low and high to see if it changes. IIRC, there is one of them which removes that effect.

David Slute
25-09-2017, 16:10
Ive tried several different combos....not as noticeable but still showing at certain angles