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24-09-2017, 22:08
Whenever I start out in a new racing sim I go straight to 70 for my AI and run some quick races and tweak from there. For PC2 I have done the majority of my quick races at Barcelona, Imola and Spa in Single Class GT3 racing and I was really happy with a AI of 70 to 73 in that I could regularly challenge in the leading pack but need to really work hard and use good strategy to challenge for the lead.

Over last night and tonight I decided to kick off a career starting at Tier 5 in the Ginetta' s to then work my way to the Pirrelli World Challenge as GT racing is what I love, so plugged in my 70% for AI and from Qualy 1 through every Qualy and Race for the whole season the AI proceeds to hand me my backside on a plate.

Now I'm no Sim Racing wizz but the gulf in difficulty that 70% in quick race against 70% in career has faced me with has left me wondering if either I'm chap or there is something up with career difficulty.

As a way of trying to prove my own sanity to myself I quick fired up a GT3 race at Imola driving an Acura NSX (heavenly looking car) and after 12 mins I had gone from 32nd to 8th (with some good pitstop timing for wets) and then had a really fun fight with 4th to 13th place cars so I know 70% is right for me in quick race.

Anyone else having career issues or am I just seeing things that aren't there?

25-09-2017, 00:46
I have also noticed that in career the AI is setting qualifying lap times that are about 5-6 seconds faster than their race lap times. Therefore I start in the back of the pack every race due to the unrealistic qualifying times.

25-09-2017, 05:52
As the GT5 Career Championship is all I have tried so far I may well be having the issues I am experiencing exaggerated by the issue raised in this thread:


I am also suffering like you from insane Qualy times by the AI but I am still off the pace in the race but only by a second to a couple of seconds a lap against up to 8 in Qualy.

Going to try something other than the GT5 Championship tonight as well as play in Quick race which is my general drug of choice as PC2 gives me such a beautiful sandbox to make great race scenarios in

25-09-2017, 06:55
I've just jumped from the Juniors to the GT5 championship, the Juniors were OK AI wise, suffering with inconsistencies from track to track similar to PC1 but not too bad, I fiddled with the level to get it close to a level I like but the GT5's are insane, it might just be track specific but the first round on Oulton they absolutely destroy me, I feel a good 2 seconds a lap slower than the AI and I dropped it from 70 to 60 difficulty and they still run away from me

25-09-2017, 07:15
I gave up on the second race of Ginetta GT5.