View Full Version : Real Weather Setting Works! Thank you SMS

24-09-2017, 23:50
Finally, great news. So relieved by this.

The Real Weather setting works seamlessly. It fixes every issue associated with it on pCARS1.

It works perfectly in both online and single player. Truly dynamic weather based on the real life weather forecast. Changing weather, different conditions in different sessions. And combined with Live Track 3.0, it just works. You really do feel the track changing. Temperature and moisture, and drying lines forming. It just works.

And even better, the AI react appropriately based on changing weather. When it rains, their pace slows down, and they pit appropriately. When it dries up they likewise will pit when appropriate. It just works.

Try it out guys. Honestly, I think every online server should be running with this option.

(now if we can just get this option for career mode, we'd be golden)