View Full Version : In time trial, is there a way to view or use opponents' ghost tuning setting?

25-09-2017, 00:59
I could have sworn I read a blurb somewhere that this is possible, but can't figure it out.

I'm not trying to set the time trial world ablaze or anything, I just want to practice the tracks I'm working on in single-player with a tried and true, optimal setup. I don't know a goddamn thing about cars myself, so tuning is a bit intimidating. The engineer recommendations seems cool, but really I'm more interested to see what other people are doing with track specific tunes to make my campaign easier.

That Dude There
25-09-2017, 05:44

26-09-2017, 00:20
Thanks for the video. I was able to puzzle out my immediate question. Though as a followup question as I dig into time trial... Is there any way to sort time trials by car/track? Instead of class? I'm interested in progressing with my Ginetta Junior and the cars that turn up in the time trial class are just silly. Would rather see only other Ginetta Juniors so I have something to judge myself by. Would even be fine with being able to see other ghosts outside of time trial if I can't do it within TT.