View Full Version : XBox Tournament Feature

25-09-2017, 01:47
Does Project CARS 2 intend to take advantage of the built-in XBox tournament feature? I think the only thing Microsoft has done with it so far is Killer Instinct and most likely will use it with Forza 7.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but it's always worth asking. I searched the forum and didn't see it posted elsewhere.

Trippul G
25-09-2017, 03:14
^ +1 to that. I've been wondering when/if anything other than Killer Instinct will make use of this feature. MS kind of hyped it up, but it seems like it's been dead in the water since they released it.

It's a platform-specific feature that SMS would have to code for, so being that PCARS2 is multiplatform, I rather doubt we'll ever see it.