View Full Version : Multiplayer issues

25-09-2017, 03:19
I've been searching for this a thread like this but didnt find one.
A few hours ago i was playing with friends online. We did maybe 4 - 5 races. Then i tried to join an open lobby and the games freezes on the waiting screen or when have to click "ready for start" The lobby was in the qualifiyng stage. Now this happens every time when i want to join an lobby unless the races/training etc. Didnt started, so when the players still "in" the Starting screen or whatever you call this.
I didnt have that problem before. So maybe someone can tell me if this is a know bug or anyone elso has this problem

This is really anoying.. I couldnt do career or singleplayer races 'cause of the terrible ffb problems. The multiplayer was the only thing i could do and now it doesnt work either