View Full Version : Games Suspends at the Ready stage for a race -MP

25-09-2017, 03:47
3 Occasions

Qualify is completed, the system updates and the grid appears, when pressing ready to move to the grid, the system locks with a flashing yellow disk drive in the RH Screen. Sounds are apparent, other programs (TeamSpeak) are working but PC2 will not budge.
Option 1 Request to be kicked from the session sends the program back to the front page, but nothing is operable and no actions can be performed. Leading to:-
Option 2 Ctrl Alt Delete and end the program

i7 6950X, 16G, 1080 Ti, 3 screen, OSW Wheel (Simucube) TeamSpeak. Simtools.

Dmitry Afanasyev
25-09-2017, 04:20
Didn't happen to me personally (probably because I'm hosting most of the lobbies) but many other guys have the same issue