View Full Version : Improving License Rating

Gunner RN
25-09-2017, 05:43
Hi all, I've been looking for a thread on how to improve my license score. I've run a bunch of multiplayer games and been progressing on career mode but have only achieved U1496. Please advise or redirect. Thank you.

25-09-2017, 06:07
This explains it in great detail. https://www.projectcarsgame.com/competitive-racing-license.html?lang=en

Gunner RN
25-09-2017, 06:22
Thank you! I feel I've been racing clean and not wiping anyone out on the first corner but my score has only increased in one race. I've won races against higher ranked players in difficult conditions. Am I exiting the races too soon, ie exiting session too soon?

Gunner RN
26-09-2017, 08:02
I've never been so happy to get an "F"!!!

26-09-2017, 10:08
Do all the disconnects lower your rating? And if you leave a lobby as well?

Siberian Tiger
26-09-2017, 10:20
No, as long the Race is not started nothing will happen.