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25-09-2017, 06:44
What CRL are you and after so many races just wondering about progress.Me? 1 race →F1496. A great 1, in fact,488 GT3@Silverstone GP.

25-09-2017, 11:25
Had U1510 got bumped off a race which I was leading by a host migration failure....now I'm U1469..

That really SUCKS

Work to do chaps!!!

25-09-2017, 11:26
E1481, 14 hours messured from steam. In game time race not so sure.
Got F1511 on first race. But racing with U drivers sometime it causes a crash or more. In one race i got smashed first corner and went down to U rank but back up to F1469 after one race again. But some races i do clean mostly but still slow progress so really hard to tell how system counts.

25-09-2017, 14:00
What is the ranking lowest to highest?

U lowest?

27-09-2017, 17:52

27-09-2017, 17:52
I got took out by a know breaker and am on 1448