View Full Version : VIVE VR Graphics Problem [FIXED]

25-09-2017, 07:05
Hey all, I've had a lot of problems with the graphics on teh VIVE being horrendous along wtih the frame rate choppy as hell.

I've spent the day trying to work it out, and I've just made a change that has pretty much fixed it completely, it's now playing how I'd expect it to play with my VIVE.

All I did was rename my Project Cars 2 folder in my 'documents' so that on re-launch, project cars 2 would create a new settings folder for itself.

It is now working 100%. I can't work out what it did differently the first time the folder was created, but I can tell you that the difference is night and day.

25-09-2017, 11:03
Thanks, will try it in the evening!

25-09-2017, 17:12
Nope did not work for me

28-09-2017, 13:30
What did you change folder name too, and do you think it would fix problem with constant crashes and failed loading.