View Full Version : Unlock "developer" views

25-09-2017, 10:40
Hello! I remember in pcars1 there was a way to unlock the view, so you can move and pan and zoom the view 100% freedomly. Is there a way for pcars2?
Thanks a lot

25-09-2017, 10:43
Ctrl-K should still work IIRC.

27-09-2017, 07:31
Yep it works.
Still wondering if there is a way to save the view, instead of adjusting it for every new race :(
Something missing since pCars 1

Roger Prynne
27-09-2017, 10:49
No it's not possible, sorry.

27-09-2017, 10:50
Cant believe it is a such hard or impossible thing to implement...