View Full Version : Why no random or current time of day?

25-09-2017, 12:58
Probably a good reason for this, but why is there no random time of day?

I can see they may want to reduce the chance of getting a night race 50% of the time, but I'd have thought this would be a nice feature.

Ditto with current-time to match current-weather. Seems like having both real weather and real time of day would be nice?

25-09-2017, 13:54
why not just set day to "today" and simply adjust the time. Coding an extra feature that does the exact same two steps automatically would be ridiculous :-D

Andy Rink
25-09-2017, 15:17
I love the idea of real time real weather. It's kind of novelty I guess, but it would be a great way to practice many different conditions that you might not have thought to choose yourself.