View Full Version : Can an Occulus Rift be used for Pcars2 on XB1?

25-09-2017, 13:19
Let me start off by saying I know nothing about VR. I was thinking about picking up an Occulus Rift. Will it work with the XB1 and with Pcars2? If it does work in Pcars2, when you are playing, does the image still show on the main display as well as the Rift? Is there anything else I may need to purchase or know before dropping the $$ on one?

25-09-2017, 13:23
Unfortunately not. Oculus Rift is a PC only peripheral.
PCARS 2 also only supports VR devices on PC.

Bavarian Turbo
25-09-2017, 13:24
you must buy a PC :rolleyes:

no VR on Xbox

25-09-2017, 13:33
Thanks for the replies guys. Like I said, I know nothing about VR so I had to ask :)