View Full Version : HUD too close doesn't save.

25-09-2017, 13:38
There is a bug at the start of every race/practice/qualifying anything that the HUD is way too close everything is much smaller than it needs to be. I enter the HUD layout and don't change a thing just click save and it goes back to where it should be. Thing is it doesn't save, next race I join or qual, practice, etc it goes back to the same. I have tried using the same car and everything and it does it everytime. This is for the HTC Vive btw not sure if Rift is getting the same issue. I tried with no SS and with higher SS and doesn't seem to matter. Just wish it would actually save the settings instead of returning back to what is pretty much unreadable HUD. Anyone figure out a way to keep this from happening or experience the same.

25-09-2017, 13:42
Could you post some screenshots of this?

25-09-2017, 17:10
I've tried quite a few times to get it to take a screen shot, but all it does is either take a screenshot of the mirror (where the hud is positioned right) or it takes a screenshot of the steam menu for the Vive. I'm fixing to try setting the mirror back to the monitors default resolution (4k) maybe that will have something to do with it hopefully. I turned it down to 1920x1080p because others reported getting better frames when doing so.

25-09-2017, 17:46
Yep seems to be a bug with setting the mirror to screen for VR to a lower resolution and running windowed. I set it to the right resolution and turned off run in windowed and it starts up the right position everytime.

25-09-2017, 19:00
Same in the rift GUI is in your face, we need a parameter to expand it, that is all. currently gui moves up down left right & zooms in & out but no expand?