View Full Version : Car repair after crash

25-09-2017, 14:06
After I crashed hardly and broke the windows of the car, the windows never got repaired.

A restart from the pit, or restart of the test session repaired all physikal and aero issues, but not the broken window,... makes you crazy in cockpit view :-P

I had to move back to main menue and start a new game to fix the problem.

25-09-2017, 14:49
I've only experienced this in Free play, very annoying but at least the load times are good.

25-09-2017, 14:56
i noticed this in Quick Race and Free play on the PC. Hopefully the devs are aware and working on a fix for the next patch.

Siberian Tiger
25-09-2017, 14:56
Yupp, Know Issue... We added that allready to the Bug List.

A Know Issue Buglist visible for you Guys at the Forum will follow soon.