View Full Version : Varying top speeds

25-09-2017, 15:27
Just started a career in Formula Rookie. Won the first race (110% AI).
Second race was in the rain. First lap the car is fine. Second lap the top speed is down by 10 - 15%.

No straight line pace or corner grip compared to the AI. Very weird. Seems like I'm in the rain and they are in dry.

26-09-2017, 15:50
Same here. Seems like I'm in the rain and they are in dry.

Mon Pavion
26-09-2017, 16:04
Did the race start with rain? Or did it start raining half way through?

26-09-2017, 16:06
Career mode is a bit off right now with AI strength, they are all over the place. Hopefully that gets fixed next patch.

As far as losing top end speed I was wondering the same. I think its due to the amount of water on track. At first its fairly dry and you can barely tell the track is wet. Then you can see puddles forming and as more water accumulates on track, the more resistance your tires have to go through. Thats why I think you start losing top end speed that quickly, also because the rookie has no horsepower so it can't do much at higher speeds to fight all the water.