View Full Version : So what do all the 'old lags' from day one PC1 think of Pc2.

25-09-2017, 16:21
I was just wondering what sort of experience those of us who bought PC1 when it first came out think of PC2?

I bought PC1 day of release and joined the forum that same day as I couldn't figure out all the settings etc... I moaned a bit (sorry Ian.. May be more than 'a bit') but stuck with it and saw it grow into a great game as patches came out and the community helped each other... It was all a lot of fun and I still love the game now. Yes there were a lot of haters, some with axes looking for a virtual stone, some who just in truth wanted a new Forza and others who complained a bit (whistles softly, and shuffles his feet a bit) but who legitimately wanted to input to make a great game... So has much/ anything changed?

Well, sure enough the haters are back (in droves)...you know the ones, I bought the 1st game and it was rubbish, now i've bought 2nd game and guess what!... WTF! If i buy a new cereal and hate it i don't go out and buy a years supply..c'mon now!

The community appears to be just as strong, lots of good folk stuck around... Newbies seek em out, they really do want you to enjoy this!

Oh, the game... Nearly forgot about that! Not put lots of time in yet obvs as it only came out 3 days ago lol but it is a lot more user friendly for newcomers, physics has moved on and guess what... There are some gremlins too... But I tell you one thing, we are in for a helluva ride over the next year or so...

Ian mate... Bring it on! Woo hoooooo!

Eric Rowland
25-09-2017, 17:21
Old lag here.... :) PC1 day one (and investor), PC2 day one.....I like it a lot better for a variety of reasons although we're still in the honeymoon phase....Mainly physics and ffb but also SMS adding a lot of great cars to fill out the class grids and provide a variety of competition. Plus Knockhill, Classic Spa and Long Beach. And, ... they've got some further tricks up their sleeve coming soon....:)

25-09-2017, 17:30
much better feel than pc1, much easier- but still difficult- to handle with the controller. I'm liking pc2 a lot, it's brilliant when it feels right. I would like a little better feedback from the controller's various rumble motors and I hope that SMS is able to fix the significantly fewer (in my experience) major bugs in a more timely fashion than in pc1 but, overall, I'm quite happy with the game. I think that there is a real possiblity that it could end up a fully viable alternative to other franchises that seem to be drifting further and further from what I want in a racing game.

25-09-2017, 17:32
I am glad i decided to wait until Xmas to buy it, the number of issues posted on this forum is amazing, I have zero patience for that sort of thing as i have a wife and two young kids. I need to plug it in and play like PCARS1 as i bought the "ultimate" edition once all the bugs were ironed out.

25-09-2017, 18:22
Much easier to get going from day one than PCars1 was. I'm disappointed that the overall look of the tracks and surroundings isn't better. Maybe that's just an Xbox 1 problem and will be sorted out for Xbox 1 X.

25-09-2017, 18:25
Hi... Get the kids working on the Pc2 set ups...

I have my simrig hidden away in the box room but our Grandson Jack is 3 in the morning and already a total petrolhead, any day now i dread those words "Grandad, wotz that!?" ... Life will surely never be he same...lol!

25-09-2017, 18:42
... I had also forgotten all those old 'Ian Bell is wrong posts' so can we just get it over with right here and now and list everything he is to blame for in one go please...

1. Global warming... Goes without saying really!
2. JFK's death... Sneaky sod's been at this sort of thing for ages!
3. Disappearance of the dinosaurs... Knew he was up to something!
4. The demise of Maclaren... The lawyers forbid me to say more!
5. Any other cross you wish to nail the poor guy too...

... Give it a rest now eh?

25-09-2017, 18:53
.....6. My owl plantpot blew over in the recent wind and smashed, I am sure Ian had something to do with it!

bought project cars 1 day 1 for PS4, I know there were bugs but I played if from day one without any issues, nothing stopped anything working, I could race, do career and loved it. I even loved the AI - If you raced them properly they were fine for the most part.

( I won't mention trying to set FFB when I got my G29 though!)

I've also seen a number of people who say they couldn't believe the problems day 1 with PC1 and went on and on about it, only to then buy PC2 on day one! WHY?

25-09-2017, 18:59
Jeeps, sorry about that plant pot... That Bell guy sure is a piece of work huh!

As for the bought it hate it bought it again brigade...

Who really knows, may be they would like to also buy the low mileage Unicorn i have in the shed?

25-09-2017, 19:11
Day 1 investor for PC1 - found the experience enjoyable as well as immensley frustrating - frustrating because they seemed to fix physics etc in one update and then balls it up terribly with the next update.....

Made the conscious decision of waiting for PC2 final release - and glad I did.

Absolutely loving it......

Tony Rickard
25-09-2017, 19:21
WMD member from day one. I enjoyed the development process of PC1 but hardly touched it after release, there still seemed a lot to do but I accepted there had to be a release at some point.

WMD2 member from day one although I waited until VR support was fully enabled before getting on board. The end result is much more satisfying and a top race sim now. Just did a few laps in the Caterham 620R at Knockhill. Ended up just doing "one more lap" until I ran out of fuel. That just sums it up!

25-09-2017, 19:39
Day 1 investor for PC1 - found the experience enjoyable as well as immensley frustrating - frustrating because they seemed to fix physics etc in one update and then balls it up terribly with the next update.....

Made the conscious decision of waiting for PC2 final release - and glad I did.

Absolutely loving it......

Yes, the tyre updates spring to mind... Ooh this is great, hang on where did that go... Oh, thats a bit better... Oh no! Whats this!

25-09-2017, 19:47
I like it a lot. The FFB is better for me, in PC1 I couldn't run "default" settings because of the additional FFB parameters in the tuning were too stiff, now I just set the global and I am running.:cool: I had to dumb down my settings because my pc is marginal for this game but from what I can see it must look fantastic to the people who have better hardware, I am already lobbying my wife for a new pc. I used the Roger Prynne method for calibrating my Fanatec wheel and it seems to be working great. I thought that I would be going back and trying PC1 once in a while but the new game is so much improved in every way I deleted PC1 from my Steam profile. I don't have any problems, lucky for me, but I sympathize with the people who have issues and I am sure many will be addressed with upcoming patches.

Leper Messiah
25-09-2017, 20:02
Was a WMD member early doors for PC1, and I can honestly say I'm really happy with the progress made in PC2. Sure not everything is quite where I want it but fair play to SMS I know of no other team that can pump out this sort of game across THREE platforms on their own. Kunos come close but outsourced it. All other major Sims are on one platform, out of the consoles only Forza is multiplatform. Had my first taste of aquaplaning today at Sugo, learnt to adjust my lines to avoid that happening again! Great fun!

25-09-2017, 20:13
Pcars 2 interface is WAY more user friendly. Still seeing bugs from pcars1 creeping in from time to time tho (gear ratios in edit bugging out, setup save issues, occaisional control dropout when loading into track). Love the new cars and tracks, lets hope SMS can fix some of these underlying issues this time.

Oh, and F40LM for life, that car is a freaking animal at full boost, but so nicely balanced, a real drivers car, best experienced with H-pattern, no assists and full manual clutch.....just heaven.

25-09-2017, 20:32
PC2 is a giant leap from PC1.
Aside from the graphics looking about the same on the PS4, but the headlights at dusk and night are much improved. Everything else is amazing and so much better. The setup, physics, tires, live track, weather and seasons, ui, license... it's an amazing experience.

The menu is a bit slow. There are some issues. I remember a little of what PC1 was like on release but more importantly I remember where they took it in a few patches. I reckon they'll do the same with PC2.