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25-09-2017, 16:29
Hi guys,

Quick question;
Currently the 2015 AUDI R8 LMS GT3 ENDURANCE, the 2016 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT3 ENDURANCE and the 2016 PORSCHE 911 GT3 R ENDURANCE are in GT3 class. Given their names (the word endurance in it), shouldn't they be in GTE class?

25-09-2017, 16:31
GT3 Endurance and GTE is different spec series as far as I know :)

25-09-2017, 16:36
GTE cars are the spec for the WEC and the GT3 cars are the spec for Blancpain and all the national GT championships etc. I just assumed the difference with the endurance ones against the standards is they have subtle changes that the teams may use for say the Spa 24hr race against a 4 hour 'sprint' race?

Scuderia Paul
25-09-2017, 16:38
GT3 Endurance car are not the same as GTE cars. They are built to different rule sets for aero. Also, GTE has no ABS whereas GT3 has both TCS and ABS.