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25-09-2017, 16:40
We've all had those moments when you see a post that gave some insight into a settings or a set up trick in game that vastly improves your experience, or stops any confusion as to what something actually did. So if you have some cool tips to share please feel free to add yours.

I'll start

Field Of View Sensitivity Demo - In this video you will see what the FOV sensitivity options do for you. The example is very extreme but it showcases what the settings can do. It can be as aggressive as the video shows, or be as subtle as you desire.


Eric Rowland
25-09-2017, 17:06
I'm using hFOV cockpit 53 (35" single screen, 32" dist from eye to screen, 21:9)
FOV Speed Sensitive View (Yes)
Min Spd Sens 56
Max Spd Sens 88
Min Spd Sens Speed 50
Max Spd Sens Speed 220

Of course I'm moving the seat back a bit, and using buttons for Look L-R, but I like it so far. Everybody's situation will be different.