View Full Version : Detects Fanatec CSL Elite?

25-09-2017, 17:02
I'm running a Fanatec CSL Elite and my Xbox One game is only giving me a wheel make option of Thrustmaster and model Xbox One Racing Wheel. Is this normal and what others are seeing or is there something wrong? My wheel's driver version is 292 BETA and Firmware version 313. My wheel and pedals are working and seem to work in good fashion, except I think I can't get full functionality out of all of the buttons; I tried to set one button to such-and-such and it took away my ability to shift with the paddles and so it seems some buttons may be viewed and doubled-up as other inputs on the wheel.

Fun game, I'm having a blast otherwise! I'm mostly driving that '69 Camaro. A no-brainer for this game is to give it a Mustang to race. Isn't the Camaro/Mustang rivalry one of the biggest and most classic rivalries in the automotive world?

28-09-2017, 02:55
same here my CSL Elite appear like a Thrusmaster and window wheel. And i can't find the right way to setup the force feedback that a nightmare !