25-09-2017, 17:17
Please first of all i want this thread to be separated from everything else and this must go straight at the attention of IAN BELL!

Ok i'm not angry and i will be polite but i'm going to tell frankly what i think about PC2!
The game is good the physic and the car handling is quite awesome and i'm having fun, it's already pure gold but beyond this On day one at first i was shocked about the graphic downgrade and bad optimization on Xbox in comparison to PC1 so stunning and quite perfect after patches!
I must say that i'm tired by now, again in late 2017 almost 2018 to see this result.. everytime we saw months and months before the release only PC gameplay with stunning graphic so i trusted you blindly about good quality on Xbox too and i have spent 100euros guys it's not a joke, just to get a punch in the stomach at day one what a shame!
You sad the game simulate many things and it's very complex ok we get it but for the Xbox it's too much and the engine struggles to run everything, this game goes from highs and lows it's stunning for the detailed cars and it's cool for example for the rain effect with raindrops on windscreen or puddles on the asphalt but for other things there are too many low resolution effects and environment/landscape like smoke, water steam, shadows, trees, mountains, wet effects reflexes of trees on rain in very low resolution, not to talk about racing at night low resolution, the car's lights and environment lights! And replays guys the flaws of this game go all on replays which let you understand the low quality graphic!
Sorry It's ridiculous to note that even the new Rallycross tracks are made in a better way than the standard game!
I think that without rallycross; snow and ice tracks and the livetrack system with seasons the game would be more light and could run with a better graphic close to PC version! We don't need all these features the game should have been like PCars 1 just improved!
What's the point to have seasons if we get ugly low resolution trees taken from an old 1998 game sorry but it's true!
In my opinion This game want to do too many things but we only need transition from day to night and dynamic weather like in PC1!

Please tell me IAN now am i forced to buy an Xbox X (500 euros) to enjoy properly PCars 2 right? Because we on the old Xbox one we are left behind right?

I won't ask for a refund, i won't give up on PC2 Never! Instead i will play it and i will enjoy it but i'm a bit disappointed!
Now what i ask you is to work soon on close future patches to clean up and polish the game, please do what is necessary and do as much as you can to improve the overall quality, please don't make me regret my purchase!

Here i'll write down what i've found so far and what need to be fixed:

1.During a replay when car's front headlights are turn on with rain or at night, these lights doesn't stand still and keep blinking you can see it better if you pause the game i saw it often at Long beach and Red bull.
These lights are also visible through walls, through billboards for example the big one on starting grid at red bull ring; Through cars; Through hills before an uphill or downhill so with tracks with slopes like bathurst, red bull ring, imola, laguna seca, Monte Carlo (Azure circuit), fuji, Algarve ( Experienced with GT3 and touring cars but probably not only with them)

2.Not sure but it looks like at long beach in night condition the rain effect doesn't work properly, raindrops visible on windscreen with puddles on track but with the whole track dry

3.During replays some textures of the environment or landscape doesn't stand still and pop up like mountains disappearing and reappearing ex. fuji or at red bull ring on the starting grid the mountain in the distance a big portion becomes just white! Ugly low res. Trees trembling and shaking

4.Behavior of the AI is strange, ok to be aggressive but with smartness not stupidity, on 50 the AI doesn't control speed they keep smashing in your rear till you go off with an accident and to overtake you at all costs even destroying their own cars, they cut turns going off track widely at full speed!
If you watch a replay They also move suddenly to the right or to the left a brief change of direction but doing so they look like jelly, they shake in a weird way!

5.The game Sometimes crashes before the start of a replay or the replay doesn't stream pictures correctly, for ex. once only my car started from the grid while all the pack stand still (saw it at long beach)
The game also crashes like yesterday when i finished a championship in career with Renault RS01, i was looking at my trophy then the game returned on the track and there the game crashed, i have been forced to quit to dashboard and restart the last race of the champ.
The game crashes sometimes attempting to join a lobby or once i entered a game session.

6.Online races are still a mystery for me maybe it's just me but i didn't be able to play my first race not yet because if i join a lobby i got disconnections sometimes.
When i join the lobby and i'm in a game session i can't play and i'm only a spectator!
When you join a lobby you don't know anymore the game progression and how much time is left so you join the session as a spectator but when the session ends you should remain in that lobby to not lose the possibility to start the race but you instead return to the main menu to start all over again the research for the match keep wasting time.

7. You promised many things and a brand new career mode but it's quite boring and flat just PC1.
Would be awesome to create your own team starting from a weak team to reach the strongest one choosing your own team mate and each one with their own driver's skills and during the race you can impart orders via radio to make him defend his position or being aggressive and going for overtakes. you also choose your car you edit your own livery and you put sponsors and when you start winning races you can choose with main sponsors bigger and more important with more important contracts.

8. A little thing Would be cool to have in the starting grid menu before the race and in races ranks/ drivers standing points, the brand of every manufacturer next to the livery's car ex. bmw brand; ferrari brand and so on
Would also be cool to have always the name of every turn when we look at the track map layout it's awful to look a track without knowing turn's names

Last thing In my opinion the strenght of PCars 2 is to focus on these motorsport discipline GT3 modern and vintage;GT1;GT4; Touring cars modern and vintage; Endurance; more Time attack cars like the 2016 Lancer Evo ( for ex. the Scion TC time attack from NFS:SHIFT 2 Unleashed) and more cars like the Nissan GT-R R34 SMS would be awesome to expand that class or the Bmw 1 series-M stancework edition.

Mon Pavion
25-09-2017, 20:17
I agree with most things listed here but I really think there are much worse bugs that need to be fixed first.

1) WILDLY inconsistent AI. One track they are rocket fast 5 seconds faster than me per lap, then the next track I can easily beat them by 10+ seconds. And forget it if it rains. If the race starts out in the rain they go full potato on me and i win by 30secs. If it starts out dry and rains later in the race, they continue on on slicks like its dry as a bone and I fall to dead last in half a lap.

2) Fake (and completely ludicrous) times posted by AI in practice and qualifying if you use the "skip to end" feature. And on that subject, strangely enough the accelerate time feature has been removed.

3) Setup not saving properly. Any setup I save at any track in private testing session does not show up at that same track in career mode. I have actually taken to running private testing session to tune the car, using my phone to take a picture of the setup screen on my TV, then readjusting all the values when I am in career. Seems like such a SIMPLE thing and yet its completely bugged.

There are many, many, many more. Seems like those of us that bought the game on day 1 or pre-ordered basically just paid to become an early beta tester.

Also, I agree with your points about the career being flat. Although I like the career mode, I feel like I am in way to much control of my progression. I feel like it should be based on my performance. For example, when I finish one tier and unlock the next tier I can simply pick and car/team I want to drive. AFTER I pick the team/car THEN I get "offered a contract" LoL. Since when do drivers get to pick which team offers them contracts? Shouldn't it be the other way around? What is even the point of having the whole "contract" thing in there? It would make way more sense and really amp up immersion if I WAS OFFERED contracts from teams based on my performance in previous championships. It just seems like I am racing in career to get a little trophy icon on the achievements menu screen.

It doesn't feel "real" at all.