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25-09-2017, 18:27
Hi Guys, i am happy about the new PC2, but i found some Bugs. Some Bugs was there in PC1 too.

You do not change the tires if its raining. My friend and me was driving in a Multiplayer session and rain was coming. I had no problems to drive with the hard slicks in the rain, but my friends tires was very fast too cold and he couldnt drive any more, we had the same tires on our GT3 cars. For me i was driving like the track was dry.
Video: Video from the race you have to start the video at Minute 30 (https://youtu.be/dGd_Uggegws?list=PLOlV-8pWkg_V7n9hbJW8tW3EXtpiSB3Fs)

some times you finish a lap and it doesnt count, the time is running and did not reset and start the laptime again

in multiplayer at the start. normaly you should start in N and not in a gear 1,2,3,4...., for me happens on Monza GP i was at the start and my gear was at 4, i didnt realized it and got a peanalty thats ok. but normaly you should start with the gear on N and nothing other.

my friend was starting in carrier from the pole position but when the race starts he jumped on the list from the first to the last position with over 1 minute behind the leader? WTF!

Video: Video of the race with the bug! (https://youtu.be/n_HYkRq4miY)

KI has in the races with GT3 toooooo much grip in the corners, they are so fast, the are driving like on rails


at the Daytona Oval, the Pit exit is bugged, when you drive behind the AI and left the pit lane like the AI you will get a penalty!

I hope you understand my problems, my english isnt that good.

Bye Raggie

25-09-2017, 18:32
I hope you understand my problems, my english isnt that good.

Your English is just fine. However, please use the search function as most of your topics have been discussed (or are issues which have been reported).

25-09-2017, 18:38
several of the 'timing' issues might be post-race time penalties issued for track cuts or exceeding track limits, same with the lap counter not resetting. keep an eye out for messages on screen from the stewards/race director. You should get a warning to slow down for a few seconds otherwise you will get a penalty. If you ignore these, your lap times will not count, or a post-race penalty may be added.