View Full Version : My first day, and issues I had.

25-09-2017, 18:50
Just got game/sim Sunday, so only one day in.
So far loving it, many of the issue I saw in PC1 have been addressed, some not so much.

Issues I had.
1# HUD is all sorts of messed up, I see other posts so I suspect itís a known bug.

2# Camera changes on me way too much. New session I seem to be on bumper view. I change it, go run Q, then race starts and I am in bumper view again. I have to make sure I have keyboard close so I can switch before green. ( and then when I do, HUD is messed up)

3# Cars left on track, I see way too many cars that look solid and parked on track. They seem to have disconnected? Not sure, but you can drive thru them. Gets you very worried to come around turn to see car parked on track.

4# rolling starts controlled by sim. What in the hell??? They are all over the place? Looks like someone playing using their feet to drive.

Again, loving the game/sim so far, Running the Ring in the Rain at night with 20 AI starting at back is so much fun that I suffered some movement while driving.

Thanks for the hard work , and look forward to patch improvements.