View Full Version : Wheel de-sync during race

25-09-2017, 19:31
This is a new one for me...racing online Ps4-Thrustamaster t300rs-gte series 5 lap race Imola. Start p11, get an awesome start, up to p5 in a lap. 3rd lap going through the hairpin after the s's and the 4th place car warps from the middle line to the inside where I'm running. I hit him and spin. Get back going take the left hander at the top of the hill no problem. Going down the next short chute, my wheel goes nuts and the ps menu comes up like i've hit the ps button (but I didnt touch it). I scramble to hit it and get back into the game to find my car is smashed up and stuck in 5th gear. I limp around to the pits, make a stop and voila all of my gears are back. Video evidence below. You can see the drivers hands go haywire in the replay of the de-sync. I've edited the video to contain the actual gameplay footage when it happened as well as the replay footage. Hope it helps and can be resolved if its not an isolated incident.