View Full Version : Azure Circuit grip issue...

25-09-2017, 20:50
I've just come from attempting my Formula X career qualifying at the Azure Circuit, and for whatever reason something happened between practice and qualifying to make the circuit somewhat undriveable.

In practice, the car was hooked to the track, as I'd expect from a car with massive downforce. I could go flat out through the tunnel and up the hill towards casino square with absolute confidence, even on cold tyres.

Yet I skip the rest of the session and go to qualifying and suddenly it's like I'm driving in the wet. The rear just consistently want to break away from me, even at 50% throttle. I have to lift and counter steer though the tunnel, something which really should not be happening. I also noticed the same happening to the Formula A car during the review period, but put that down to cold tyres. This time, however, I'm certain there is an issue with the track that is causing player tyres to lack sufficient grip to grab the road.