View Full Version : How to change nationality of driver's license

25-09-2017, 20:52
So, apparently I'm from the UK? What's that all about?

25-09-2017, 21:16
I think that's default. When you make driver profile your able to change that and your name (first and last) I had to change my nationality

25-09-2017, 21:26
I think its set to your consoles settings, i did not set anything, its just set to my location..

Innerspace HQ
25-09-2017, 23:57
At least you can change it. There's rarely a Scottish flag in games. Although with this, there's TWO Scottish courses, sort of, one definitely, but you aren't allowed to be from there apparently. I think Codemasters are the only people to include my country as an option to indentify as within their games.