View Full Version : Amazing game! Car sounds and refinement

25-09-2017, 22:20
I love what's going on with project cars 2 right now, the game feels right in terms of the direction that it's going. I love the way you guys implemented the physics and how the cars actually shift weight realistically. :D The car sounds are off the hook I absolutely love how some of the cars react in terms of throttle response and how the car sounds bounce and react after hitting a few bumps on the roads.

Besides how amazing this game is lets just admit it does have bugs and I noticed some vehicles in the game that might not sound as realistic as they should but I don't expect everything to be perfect on release.

Some cars I've noticed have do have sound gaps or sounds that overlap each other and cause an almost robotic buzz or some kind of high pitched sound artifacts. I do feel that the cars that suffer from this deserve a re-record or a redo in terms of engine and transmission sound recreation.

One other thing that would be nice for the cars that are completely stock is to have the the E-brake click sounds (depending on car) for added immersion.

Again I am absolutely impressed by this game. FREAKING AMAZING DEVS! :D :eagerness:

26-09-2017, 18:37
Bump, :p

26-09-2017, 18:53
The audio is the 10/10 realism.

26-09-2017, 22:36
The audio is the 10/10 realism.

Yes 10/10

I can't wait until the new patches :D