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25-09-2017, 23:34
So it's a couple days in and I seem to have found, after exhaustive testing and discussion, some settings that suit me and it's time to get some rubber on Tarmac. Community events looks fun so off I go in the Caterham, and (sorry) OMG what a giggle, no assists round Knockhill is insane. So.... several hours later, much tuning and spinning and jumping, a little bit of swearing, I've got a decent lap AND it's clean. Tired though - lots of arm work. So what next - Dallara looks a bit scary, but hey let's have a go...can't be more fun than the Caterham... BUT ... It is, quick, agile and responsive, even with my knobbled wheel... and I do the same again, all the while grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Next up the Ligier on a track I've seen races on but never raced on them myself and again another cracker of a car - sticks like #### to a blanket and I am properly enjoying this....So on to the Nissan - now here we have quite a different story .. had no idea what I was getting into... How am I going to do this, not a fan of the wet and the insane turbo is kickin me in the pants while I'm veering about on the straight and spinning every time I think about braking - but strangely I'm still enjoying myself. So I end up sticking the 'Authentic' assists on, which I dislike doing, intensely, but hey ho nowt to lose, and Hallelujah it's a bit more sensible but by this point I can barely see and my chest and arms are aching, along with a headache from all the grinning.... still thinking about the laps earlier in the GT3 Fezza at Longbeach as I sit here with my coffee....

When this is patched I'll be a VERY happy man... It's not perfect but after my initial reaction 'don't like it' I am thoroughly surprised to find that, actually I do , and I'm looking forward to spending many hours, days and weeks trying to go fast.....

Hate to say it but - Thanks WMD/SMS

PS When's the patch coming .... ( giggling sorry )

26-09-2017, 00:31
Cool. MXR SMILER the Nissan, which one? The GTP ZX-T? The 280ZX IMSA? The 900(+) horsepower of these are insane dry, can't imagine wet.

26-09-2017, 01:13
Skyline GT R R34 SMS R stock. BONKERS in the wet....only 695hp but more than enough....

Ian Bell
26-09-2017, 01:22
We have some subliminal messaging in the game to hypnotise people into liking it but it often takes a little time to fully imprint. :)