View Full Version : Menu problems

Mike Lord
26-09-2017, 02:24
When I go to Options to set up my T300 RS the choices in any of the variables I hover over begin to cycle through each choice and I can't stop it. For example, if I hover over the controller choice, it spins through all the choices over and over. It's just a rapid, constant rotation. When I then go back to the main menu, they are all rotating without any ability to control or stop it. This didn't happen yesterday when I bought and downloaded the game and played it. I have an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 running in windows 10. I have downloaded the latest GeForce driver for Project Cars 2.

26-09-2017, 03:02
'I think' it's your wheel steering angle that's moving the cursor to cycle? Try centering your wheel. I don't like this feature too.