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26-09-2017, 06:53
Hello racers,
Finally the game is here and I've been playing for a wile but I don't understand a few things.
I would like someone to explain why. Thank you.
All online gameplay problems:

1.) Sometimes loads me as Pit Monitor and I can't race, why? And most of the time I become disconnected after 5 second in the game?
2.) Be ready to wait. Very long time to load, and I have a very good internet? Why so slow?
3.) Game is very laggy, specially in Online Mode in the Race wile I'm in the corner LAG and I'm out of the track? Can you fix that, please?
4.) Why when someone made an online party HE/SHE decides there will be a racing line or no? I don't know every single track, I need this line to show me when corner is coming, I'm not a professional driver, I don't race 24/7 I just want some fun. Can this be fixed? Because like that I can learn only one track and race on it and collect 1st places... Not fair
5.) The Game in the Menu is very slow as well, sometimes doesn't respond when I press X or when I move up and down, left and right in the Menu I have to do it again.

I have PS4 pro.

Thank you guys...

26-09-2017, 07:32
Hey Ivan,

Can't answer all but...

1. It will load you to pit monitor if the race is under way as you cannot join an active race. It should show what stage the lobby as at before entering.
2. Not sure what you mean here?
3. This could be dependent on who you are racing and their connection. I'm not aware of general console issues.
4. When someone creates a lobby they get the option of choosing what rules and regs to set - you too have this privilege. You are shown this in the lobby inof screen and you can choose whether to proceed or not.
5. I've heard a number of people complain about this. Looks to be a console issue that can hopefully be patched.

Roger Prynne
26-09-2017, 10:07
#5. Try this..... http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?52477-Menu-and-sub-menu-lag-Workaround-posted&p=1366575&viewfull=1#post1366575