View Full Version : Load Cell brake pedal settings....G29 with Ricmo Tech mod, any settings recommended?

Sub Boy
26-09-2017, 08:14
Hi Guys,
I'm struggling to setup my modified G29 to work nicely with PC2 on my PS4.....it just locks up too easy compared to the old PC1 game.
I've mucked around in the ABS settings (which I can kinda get half right on cars with ABS) but on non ABS car's the brake is like I'm using a hand brake.
Anyone got any ideas....I kinda need to get it setup so I can drive the V8 Supercar at Bathurst (have made a custom Seq Shifter) as the real race is on in a couple of weeks and need to get it sorted for the mates to come around on the day to do some laps.


26-09-2017, 10:29
Try lowering brake sensitivity in the controller options. This controls the brake response curve and a lower setting results in having to push your brake more for a smaller initial response. Brake sensitivity is 35 by default. For all sensitivity adjustments 50 results in a linear response curve, lower numbers result in a scooped response curve which for a brake pushes the majority of brake response toward the end of the range.

26-09-2017, 10:31
Also you can reduce the brake pressure in the car setup.

Sub Boy
28-09-2017, 04:56
Cheers guys, I will give that a go

01-10-2017, 13:17
I too am having much money re issues with lock ups than in pc1 I,m not 100% such if I am locking up or if it's just some tyre noise effect under heavy load?

02-04-2018, 07:18
Where do you guys usually buy load cells and load accessories? I mean amplifiers, conditioners, etc.? I read many positive reviews on Tacunasystems (https://tacunasystems.com/zc) already, just thought it would be reasonable to look for some real opinions on forums.

06-04-2018, 17:08
On My G27 and G29, I cut down the Spring that came with the Loadcell by about 1/2 inch.
Here are my Photo's of my Loadcell modifications
It gives the brake pedal a bit more hydraulic feel to it, and slight bit more travel maybe 1/4 inch more than the stock loadcell


21-04-2018, 09:08
On most cars I am running between 70% to 80% brake pressure. Anything over 80% I find myself locking up the brakes. With the Load cell you will also have to learn how to adjust you foot pressure when braking so that you don't lock up the brakes. Took me about 6 mo. before I could really modulate the brakes.