View Full Version : Custom Vehicle race by car not class .

26-09-2017, 08:42
Is it possible to set up a race with a selection of cars of my choice and not just set by class ?
I enjoy driving in certain cars and to only have cars of similar vintage on track with me but as far as i can tell the Sim adds cars that do similar lap times or same class even if year make is 20 years apart . So if i want to drive a 2015 Audi R8 road car i would like to have only similar age cars on track and not something from 1994 .
If its not possible now could it be added in future ?

Siberian Tiger
26-09-2017, 08:45
No, sadly that won't be possible.

It was discussed during WMD Phase in a Big Topic. Sorry im afraid.

26-09-2017, 08:53
That sucks !