View Full Version : AI Pit Strategy

26-09-2017, 09:45
Did a 30 laps race in Long Beach with Formula Rookie (how fun to drive those little cars are, by the way :), good work!!). 2 weather settings: Sunny and then rain.

All AI started on slicks, which is good, because the track was dry. But then, strange things started to occur. Between lap 8 and 10, all AI pitted and came out on wets, it was sunny and dry though. I could see it, because I drove at low difficulty and had to lap some backmarkers when they left the pits. But there was no rain until lap 14, so the AI did several laps with wrong tyres without loosing speed or destroying their pneus. This is not realistic and the same thing (for me, issue) than in Project Cars 1.

- AI do not suffer from bad laptimes when using wrong tyres (here up to 6 laps on wets on a completely dry track)
- Their tyres do not get destroyed in such a case
- They do not react on actual circumstances but know which weather will be in the future.

Sry for my bad English, I hope you know what I mean, though.

BTW: I love the animations of the pit crew, well done, SMS.:rolleyes: