View Full Version : Leaderboards and realistic settings

Just Another Frog
26-09-2017, 10:31
I was just wondering why SMS felt the need make assists off and (especially) damage on a compulsory option when attempting hot laps for the leaderboards. Aside from the fact that some cars are impossibly difficult to drive with all assists off, I though the whole idea of time trialling was to be able to do so in such a way that the driver felt comfortable with the settings he chose - and if that meant being marginally disadvantaged from those who prefer the out and out 'realism' of everything switched off then so be it, it was a fair compromise to know that you could at least make a reasonable effort without struggling your way around the track.
From my personal point of view I cannot for the life of me drive using a controller with a manual gearbox and ABS switched off - never have been able to and never will be able to, it's just one of those things. Because i'm told that I now have no choice but to switch ABS off i've now gone from being marginally disinterested with the Pcars 1 leaderboards (due to the mismatched system in which cars were grouped together) to being completely disinterested with the PCars2 leaderboards (due to the mismatched grouping system AND the compulsory addition of realistic settings) which for me is not so good because although I'm not a leaderboard obsessed person, if nothing else It would be nice to see a displayed personal best time (as opposed to just an empty slot) that is comparable with the settings i'm using in game modes away from the leaderboards. It would also be nice to see a 'World Record' not from a car that happens to be infinitely faster within a mismatched class but from something that is of similar performance (ideally the same car) because seeing a time from a car that is (example) 20 seconds per lap faster tells me absolutely nothing about how well or how badly I am doing on the track I am about to play.
At the end of the day progression is all about knowing how well you are doing in relation to other people doing the same thing with the same tools. In PCars 1 I spent hundreds of hours driving thousands upon thousands of laps in a Formula C car and to this day have absolutely no idea how good or bad I am in relation to all those other people who drive Formula C because all the comparable lap times were consumed by Formula A / Formula X (or whatever class they were) on the leaderboards. Quite a strange scenario for a definitive racing simulator.

And finally 'damage on' within the leaderboards. I have no idea which bright spark at SMS decided that creating a 'do a lap...restart..do a lap restart..do half a lap...restart (repeat a few times)' scenario would be a fun and interesting thing but trust me, it isn't. It is tedious, boring and only designed for one lap stints.