View Full Version : This menu really needs to be streamlined for ease of use

26-09-2017, 11:48

This menu is really clunky to use. I was in a race at Donnington where it went from dry to wet, so I opened the menu to select wet tyres for my stop. But navigating it while driving is stupidly complex, especially if you're in a twisty section of the track.

To change tyres you have to go through 2 sub-menus before you get to the tyre select. And then you have to press L or R on the D-Pad to get to the tyres you want. And then you have to go back to the front menu to select "request Pit". Not only this, but if you don't get your selections done fast enough, because you need to concentrate on your driving around a difficult section, the menu will close and you have to re-navigate all the way back to the menu you want.

Surely it would be easier to have the race strategy stuff on the first menu you open, and have "request pit" mapable as a button press on your wheel or controller? Also I think the menu should stay open until you close it, to give you time to make your selections.

It should be more like the menu system from that other racing game that's knocking about at the moment. And I'm not wishing to compare games, I know they're both very different beasts, but the one in F1 opens with one button press, the stuff you need to change is on the first page, the same button press flicks through each page, and it stays open until you want to close it.


It seems you've gone and made something that should be really simple be more complicated and awkward to use than it really needs to be. I'd hate to try and use it in a Formula A race around Monaco....