View Full Version : Quality of Life Changes

26-09-2017, 12:02
Hey everyone,

I would like to start a thread where players post little inconveniences they ran into and think could be handled better if tweaked a bit.

All suggestions made will be gathered in this post, so keep the ideas coming :) Please remain civil.

Here are some of mine:

- Option to save and load multiple Wheel seetings.

- Fastest tyres fitted when starting a session.
- Simplifying saving and loading setups. (Right now the game always wants to save your setup as something else e.g. CoTA when you're on Oulton.)
- Option to keep setup without having to save it. (Sometimes l only want to change tyres, so there's no need to save it).

- Option to mute others in settings for good.
- Option for more search filters (Race only, filter out races in progress, race license, region.)
- Option to vote for skip session. (e.g after everyone has finished their qualifying laps.)
- Option to speed up the ready up phase prior to race. (Even one person can troll an entire lobby with the current system, its annoying and slow.)
- Option to see the duration and weather of the upcoming race when in qualifying.
- Option to see your and opponents' cars in the list while in pits.

- Option to increase formation lap speed to 160 kmh. (In some conditions and on some tracks the current 120 kmh are very slow, take long and/or make it super difficult to get heat in your tyres.)