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26-09-2017, 12:10
I really need to discus that particular option / setting.

I really have read, watched, and tested different FFB settings for my TM T300RS wheel. I am on the ps4 pro, so even tested PC settings. My findings are irritating...

1. Flavor - Informative - here you have a great feeling for curbs and bumps, and all track related things. But you have little feeling for the track surface and the tire grip. So the flavor is great for the additional feelings but not for the car. In my opinion you cannot drift easy and it's more likely to lose control.

2. Flavor - Immersive - here i cannot drive the car at all. All settings even on 50 are resulting in a struggle with the wheel, no real feelings whatsoever. Bumps and curbs are pronounced but not so evident as in the first flavor. It's a no go for me.

3. RAW - actually this must be the best, all feelings, the right setting. Unfortunately there are some real problems here too. And in my opinion everything is there but is so weak that are not playing a great role. With this setting you get the feeling of the car, under steer / overseer, you can feel the slip of the road / track surfaces you can feel the tires and that is great. You cannot have both at a maximum amount but you take your preference and it's good. But where things are getting strange is the FX Slider - those bumps and curbs, the grass or stones / sand next to the track, they are vary weak, vibration is a bare minimum even at 100. Now you get strong feeling for the holes / bumps on the actual track, the curbs are felt also as big bumps, and not a line of uneven elements. This is strange because those settings can be made more loud and more pronaunse, like in the other flavors. Can this be a problem with the PS4 Version with the TM Wheels ?

In the end the RAW flavor is the way to go, but why does the FX slider suffer greatlly is a question here. Actually looking at the clipping graph in-game, i am far away from experiencing such problems so why not make it more stronge and use the slider for the fine tuning?

26-09-2017, 12:31
I find Informative to be the most informative and best feeling but you need to be aware that if you are losing information due to clipping informative will not be informative.

The thing about RAW versus Informative is with RAW you can run higher settings without clipping.

On a G29 for example. Even with INF,G100,V37,T37,FX43 you get clipping and lose info. With a setting of G97 clipping is much more acceptable in most cars. Now in Informative if you turn down T and FX to G100,V35,T20,FX25 what you end up with is a great sense for what the car is doing but FFB is much weaker. A very similar result can be found with the first settings but lower Gain.

I don't know what settings will work best for you but on Informative try settings well under 50. Just keep in mind

Volume effects the FFB response curve by moving this you effectively move compression. Ideally your setting should be one that in combination with your wheel results in a response curve that is either linear or slightly positive.

Tone effects where the forces are coming from. IMO the ideal setting on Informative will be between 20-40 for any wheel.

FX is different depending on the flavour. It adds wheel weight and friction as well as bumps and vibrations and some tyre feel.

IMO the ideal setting for tone should always fall into a certain range no matter what wheel for people who want a natural informative FFB.
Volume will always be dependant on the wheel.
FX is a matter of taste.
Gain is for reducing clipping or simply reducing the FFB.