View Full Version : PS4 Project Cars Online Problems I have been experiencing

26-09-2017, 13:19
I have been so excited about PC2 coming out and I must say I am disappointed. I am a huge PC1 fan and SMS did such a great job with that version that I give them full praise.

Here are some of the ongoing issues I have when playing PC2:

1. 5 seconds or more delays when moving from one menu system to another. When I go to setups, delay. The same applies when moving to the main menu area, delay. Saving setups, delay.
2. Strange things happen when setting up the car - I tried Indy car in an Austin race online and the cars gearing was setup for an oval. Tall gearing in low gears. I could not change the gearing in 1st low enough. It was stuck in a higher gear. Slow out of corners.
3. Continue to get kicked out of races. I join practice and qualy but when the race comes, I get a screen saying "Waiting" then it kicks me to the main menu. This happens 2 out of 3 times.
4. This has been posted before but it would be great to know what the race details are when you join a race either in practice/quali/race. How many laps?
5. When playing with the gearing ratio, at first it lets my move it higher or lower ratio. Then I go try it out and come back to the gearing and I can not change the ratio at all - high or low. They are stuck.
6. Why can I not filter out online races that have already started? PC1 showed only those races I could join. Loved that.

The game has great potential but currently I am so frustrated with being kicked out of races or not being able to setup my car that I don't want to play anymore.

I am surprised that more people haven't spoke out about some of these issues. Is it just me?

Looking forward to a patch.

26-09-2017, 13:32
Agreed especially with point No. 6. I have just wasted 1.5hrs trying to play online for the first time. In all that time I did one race (which was great by the way with all drivers behaving). All the other lobbies I tried to enter races had started and I was either kicked, put on tv director mode or got frozen on a screen with a list of cars. I could be me but I couldn't for the life of me find where it said that the races were already started. Without this info its such a huge unnecessary use of time.

28-09-2017, 15:00
It says on the right hand side - either an L - lobby, P - practise, Q - Qualy or R - Race, it is highlighted so you know which one is curently ongoing, it also tells you how long is left in that particular session.

What is missing is a filter for these options so you don't need to see the races which are already running, how nobody thought of that is slightly mind boggling.

28-09-2017, 15:36
Hey Jimmy, I was referring to the area after you have joined a hosted session. Currently the only way you know how many laps the race will be is just prior to joining the session. In PC1, you would go to the MONITOR section where it would give details like - laps, weather, aids etc. You could get this info in PC1 when you are in practice or qualifying. In PC2, there is no way to determine this information once you have joined a session.