View Full Version : [KNOWN] No force feedback for Hori RWA wheel

26-09-2017, 14:10
Hi guys.

The game recognizes my wheel (Hori RWA) but the force feedback doesn't work at all. I tried several different settings but never worked. The wheel should be fully supported and it works fine with f1 2017 and other games. I use it in Ps4-S mode. If I try with the PS4-N mode it isn't recognized as my wheel (just a normal pad) but the force feedback works fine. What can I do?

26-09-2017, 14:31
Well the wheel does not have FFB, only vibration feedback. I'll ask if the game supports that.

26-09-2017, 14:42
It's weird that it works in the PS4-N mode (where N stands for navigation) but not in the PS4-S (steering) mode. It works well in particular because you feel it every time the gear changes or out of the track. The problem is that in Navigation mode is much harder to drive...