View Full Version : Finally bought it- is it worth it?

major sunscreen
26-09-2017, 14:33
I've finally bitten the bullet and bought it so I can see the bugs for myself. Well.... on first driving a formula rookie out the garage I can see the issue with the G920 as I have that too on the Xbox- rampant wobble when on the straight like the road bumps are being amplified too much and too harshly. Not driveable hmmm. So I followed the settings I found elsewhere as a temporary fix. It nullifies the strafht line wobble to a bearable point. But then I started tinkering with my setup as I like a stable rear and so wanged rear toe out up a bit and softened up the suspension. Now I don't know if it's the smoother ride but the wobble has gone and the car is on rails except for my lunatic turn in speeds when I forget to nail the brake zone. Overall in much impressed and once the inevitable patches are applied this is looking pretty tasty and has the makings of a damn fine game. Just need the trophy wife hanging off the pit board now.. incidentally when can we expect patch for the G920 issue?

major sunscreen
26-09-2017, 15:20
In fact it's not just good, it's bloody good! I just found myself hammering around Donnington in the wet muttering to myself "I am a driving God.." First time a game has had that effect on me.. can't wait for the tweaks and that G920 patch. If you are new to this game be warned- you must tweak your car setup and driving style to the track and conditions and if you are crashing a lot, you're either going too fast or haven't nailed the setup. If the back end keeps stepping out on you and 'snapping' when it does, increase rear toe out and soften the suspension, and shift brake bias forward (especially the Brundle curve at Snetterton). Get it right and it's cheesy grin time. The ai is good too- I just started 5th and no-one rammed me up the rear into turn one, two abreast, all very gentlemanly and a big improvement over PC1. I'm sure there's a bump in the road somewhere but aside from the ffb issue, I haven't found it..yet..!

26-09-2017, 16:35
Yes (in answer to OP question)