View Full Version : Lotus 49 default setup with ABS and Tractioncontrol???

26-09-2017, 15:28
So I went into the setup menu when test driving the Lotus 49 at old Monza. I noticed that Traction control is default at 10% (the lower the more tractioncontrol) and ABS strength is default at 75%??
Surely this can't be right??? This is a car from 1967. They didn't have traction control or ABS. Shouldn't it be greyed out?
Also with assists off in Gameplay menu I still can't lock up the wheels of the Lotus 49. I checked my pedal input and the red bar is full. Where the brakes that bad?

And another thing: I went in there to lower the Final drive, but I couldnt. It just wouldnt change. But when I went back, after checking the driving assists setting in the gameplay menu, I suddenly could change the value. What is happening here?

One other thing. When changing the driver assist to authentic the 3 underlying values change to ABS: Low, Stability Control: On and Traction Control: Low? Is this how it is supposed to be?

Please can you sort this out? I just want to play a game from time to time, not be a beta tester.