View Full Version : Two things happened in one race which had renewed my faith somewhat...

26-09-2017, 18:22
Going round Brands Hatch in the Ginetta and a stone flicked up off the car in front and hit my car and made me jump so bad! Excellent. Then the weather drifted across the circuit and it was so perfectly done, slowly moved across until everywhere was wet. Fantastic. Just the FFB and AI to sort now!

26-09-2017, 18:32
Had that also...think it was a piece of rubber though (marble) nice unexpected addition :cool:
Making a pitstop and hearing the engineer saying:"we've encountered an electrical problem will have you back on the track soon" oh so annoying but oh so realistic!

26-09-2017, 19:07
Had this so many times now and it still gives me a jump as i am wearing headphones...... Its very well implemented and to be fair its just these little things that make gaming like this so enjoyable..

Mon Pavion
26-09-2017, 19:45
The game is there. Its just covered in bugs. Admittedly bugs that should have certainly been ironed out well before release, but still...

Once it gets worked out I have all the faith that this will be one of the most awesome racing games out there.

TAGS Battfink
26-09-2017, 21:42
It already is one lf the best if you ask me, the whole package is superb.

Cant wait till the X comes out and we get a nice res pack....

26-09-2017, 21:54
It already is one lf the best if you ask me, the whole package is superb.

Cant wait till the X comes out and we get a nice res pack....

I'm sure it is if you have a wheel, but I'm struggling on a controller and it should not be the case.

TAGS Battfink
26-09-2017, 22:02
Using a controller right now myself and it seems great to me (not saying you are not yourself), what are you having issues with?

26-09-2017, 22:12
On the topic of the OP, I just ran the Lotus 49 @ Monza Historic invitational and...well, the race went miserably. Got swept up in a massive accident at Curva Grande on the first lap and had to limp a damaged car around. But what amazed me is that four of the other cars involved had to limp around as well and didn't just instantaneously jump back to the pits or drive off at full speed like so many games (even pCars1, in my experience) seem to handle the situation.

Of course, some yellow flags probably would have been in order, but you know what? Just seeing the AI limp home as well put enough of a smile on my face. Cheers!

26-09-2017, 22:33
Also noticed the difference in rain and puddle buildup across Sileverstone. Pretty awesome. I have never seen the rain affect different parts of the track like that.

27-09-2017, 09:20
Me and a couple of friends raced for 25 minutes on Le mans with 60x weather cycle. It was great, all three with wheels and the same Porche (to get the achievement)
Just a blast racing through the night and into the morning :)

27-09-2017, 10:37
Racing Ginettas at Knockhill last night, Torrential rain at the start and seeing how the track dry line forms with standing water on the edges of the turns was an awesome sight. Feeling how the car gets upset aquaplaning through the puddles really makes you think about your driving line, with the need to adjust and readjust as you go in line with the changing conditions.
Totally fricking awesome if you ask me. A triumph in sim racing.