View Full Version : Anybody else want Ghost feature for custom sessions?? Please add!!

26-09-2017, 18:30
Please add ability to allow saving and race ghosts in custom sessions to allow custom weather and time scenarios such as snow, rain, nighttime, etc.

Does anybody else out there want this??

Many of us love having the option to save and race our own and other people's shared ghosts (especially given the inconsistencies/challenges of the AI) We also like being able to customize the weather and time! (Remember the PCars2 model "drive any place any time any weather") However right now the ghost feature only works in the fixed settings community time trial, which is mostly clear weather dry tarmac. Therefore please add ability to also save and add ghosts in custom sessions.

This could either be in a custom time trial or just simply add ability to save and add ghosts in the existing custom testing mode (to add 3 or more ghosts).

Keep community time trial as it is, it's a great feature.

But, please also add ability save and add ghosts to custom testing/hotlapping sessions.

27-09-2017, 00:12
What should be great, is the ability to share a ghost with a friend (like sharing the cars settings that seems to work fine for me and my friend).
When you play alone because your friend is at work... it gives you the possibility to challenge him even if he's not there.