View Full Version : Needs "Are you sure you want to exit?" at race ready screen!

26-09-2017, 18:40
Spent 30 minutes practicing, qualifying and when I got the screen to hit "Ready" it accidentally scrolled past and went down to the exit button. Obviously I didn't realize it and exited out of the online room I was in. I know this warning question was on PCars1 and is this something that is going to be added to PCars2?

26-09-2017, 18:51
+1 this, done the same today :(

26-09-2017, 18:52
Happened to me last night as well after qualitying on podium. It is very easy to do, cause pressing X usually moves the game forward, in this case it bumps you out of it. Bad menu design.

26-09-2017, 18:58
Well, when that screen opens the first thing you do is go to the tuning screen to double check everything and then you scroll up to hit "Ready", but you go 1 tab too far on accident and BOOM its all gone! lol

26-09-2017, 21:42
+1 not enough. +2

I must have backed out of the league lobby 4 - 6 times last night. I was not the only one. We all wish for this idiot proof pop up window.

26-09-2017, 23:15
Ive done this!!!! We are paying to bug test agame

27-09-2017, 02:16
How does a game get release this broken? Damn its just so many little things that just takes the fun out of it