View Full Version : REAL Weather questions

26-09-2017, 18:56
In Project CARS 1, the game made use of the API for http://openweathermap.org but it was quite limited in it's access (which also changed about 8 months ago, after the site changed the API access levels).

My question is, does the new game still make use of this API and this site, or does it use another site? If another site, which one? If still the same one, what is the level of the API support?

My league makes extensive use of the REAL weather for our league races, and we want to make sure we are using the appropriate site for monitoring weather forecasts leading up to the race date. After all, we need to know how to set up the car for the race, right?

Any info on how the system works is greatly appreciated.

N0body Of The Goat
27-09-2017, 05:39
I think I read at WMD that things have changed a little since pCARS1, in that now it can only replicate the weather from over a year ago.

I didn't follow pCARS2 development anywhere near as closely this time, so hopefully those who did can comment further.