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26-09-2017, 19:52
Hello, and apologies if this has already been asked, but I've looked around quite a bit and haven't found anything.

From reading online, it seems there's a lot of confusion regarding the PS Trophies for the licences. Are the Trophies linked directly to the rank or the races played? As in, will the "No Longer A Rookie" trophy be earned by reaching rank F, or E for example, or is it obtained by completing X amount of races? I had high hopes of earning the Platinum eventually for this game, but am now doubting if it will be possible.

Apologies again if this has already been asked, any help or advice will be greatly appreciated and I hope you all have a great day!

28-09-2017, 11:45
I am wondering how they are achieved too.

I assumed they would be like the first one which popped when you singed your first contract. So I expected the next to pop similarly at the next level and so on but nothing???