View Full Version : GT5/GT4 end of a timed races: AI skips a lap

26-09-2017, 20:29
I am playing PC2 since it came out and I love it, despise it has some major bugs here and there.

But since I cannot find anything about this issue, I am writing here.
Happened a couple of times on GT5/GT4 (but i have to assume any league of this kind), which has the "time countdown" kind of race, that if you pass on the race line more or less at the same moment the countdown reaches "0:00", it gives you a final lap to perform. Problem is, at the time I finish the race as 1st, I get myself overstepped by several AI drivers in the leaderboards, giving me as delay pretty much one lap more (+1:36.746 on laguna seca, as it happened a moment ago). In poor words: the AI got a lap skipped.

- I am not sure if it happens before or after passing the race line, but i have to assume immediately after.
- The AI drivers were several seconds behind me, so i would exclude "position confusions" by the game logic
- As I finished the race, on leaderboard I appeared as first, only to appear second, then third and so on as the others crossed the line
- Didn't came last. I ended 8th out of 22, proof that it wasn't something that made me "miss a lap" accidentally by unawarely passing a glitched area outside the track

I can tell this game has a lot of potential, and it is really fun! But these glitches are just frustrating, as I am seeing plenty of bugs that are being "AI friendly" making them unfair opponents...

Thank you for your time, hoping this isn't a repost of an already reported issue.